Group Training


A Community of Like-Minded Individuals 

Flexible Class Timetable

Nutrition & Philosophy Resources

6 Week Training Cycles to Optimise Progress

This is group training like you haven't seen it before!

Imagine personal training... but with like-minded people.

This is for all individuals looking to improve their physical performance through exercises. Our group training allows the client to train with like-minded individuals In a small group environment. This maintains the high level of coaching NUEVO is renowned for but brings external motivation, friendly competition and reduced costs.

It includes access to 3 training sessions per week which are expertly programmed to ensure you progress every single session. 

We will keep you accountable and support you with our extensive nutritional resources and recipes.

This isn't a fitness class like you know it. This is group training, all working towards our own goals, together. Aimed at continual development of a multiple facets of fitness. Training will be run over 6-week blocks taking you towards your fitness goals. Whether it be endurance, muscle gain, fat loss or strength you are searching for. Our group training programme is for you. 

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